City tells street-side bars by Wat Botum Park to relocate

Stall owners and workers said district authorities had come by 10 days prior to announce that beginning on May 1 the street had to be clear of vendors. None of them had received a formal written warning.

“The authorities said if the vendors are still selling tomorrow [May 1] they will seize their property and chase them out,” said Ly Kuon, who sells fried dough snacks, or cha kvai, at 1,000 riel (25 cents) each.

said Daun Penh authorities were simply enforcing a City Hall spokesman, citywide policy the interest of traffic flow, beauty and that prohibits vendors from occupying public land, including parks and pavement, in cleanliness.

“The authorities will take action,” he said, declining to confirm if they would seize vendors’ equipment or not.

guard stationed at park security declined to comment, saying “just wait and see”.

When reached for comment, the Daun Penh district governor hung up on reporters.

a petition asking the reconsider to authorities the policy Some 60 Wat Botum vendors s…

At Banana Kitchen, cuisines prepared by fact-finding

challenges resulting from a highly competitive market of Foreseeing plenty in Cambodia, the restaurateur behind Banana Kitchen, located in a busy neighbourhood of the capital, built the restaurant on findings from detailed research. When a Cambodian businessman, who asked to remain anonymous, opened Banana Kitchen on Street 21 of Tonle Bassac commune, the heart of the main tourist spot in Phnom Penh, he realised that he had become a rival to plenty of other culinary ventures in the area. However, he had already prepared for it, building a foundation on his research to ensure its success. “We have got an outstanding market research team, whose findings have been shaping our restaurant,” says Young Many, the general manager of Banana Kitchen. “For example, we serve mainly Khmer and Thai cuisines because research found that our target group of clients, locals and Asian expats, prefer them to Western cuisines, which also, according to the research, have already been adopted by many restauran…

The Best Ways To Travel Around The World

The Best Ways To Travel Around The World


People learning to how to Travel around the World always
have lots of questions about travel. They never know where to start. Traveling
around the world is not hard but requires that people focus on taking on the
essential items, keeping a good head about them, and watching their budget. If
they do this, then they will have the skills to travel the world.

One of the most important things to remember when you travel is to watch
yourself. A lot of people leave common sense behind them when they go overseas.
However, just because you are in a different place doesn't mean safety should
go out the window. While tourist areas in most country are safe, you do need to
watch out for pickpockets and touts. Make sure you where money belt and always
say no to people who come up to you to sell things.

Another tactic involves mixing up your usual routine: carry your money tucked
away in a sock or in your sleeve - don't have it hanging out like bait in a

How to Travel Around the World

How to Travel Around the World


Traveling around the world can be one of the most intersecting
experiences of your life. In addition to the sheer adventurous experience of visiting
new places that you have never been to before, traveling around the world
offers you an opportunity to meet new people and experience new cultures. Be
that as it may, such an exercise can be daunting task especially if you do not
have the appropriate tips and plan in place. Well here are a few tips on how to
travel around the world.

First and foremost, you must come up with a budget for the
exercise. The budget for your trip will be determined by the number of countries
you intend to visit, whether these countries are first, second or third world countries and most importantly, the amount of funds for the exercise.

In addition to the traveling budget, another important tip
that will be particularly helpful in your traveling adventures will be the
transport arrangement. Traveling around the world offers you with a …

Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance


You may not thought about it, but owning is far from being cheap. You will have to think about the payment for the gas while you are feeling good about driving it around. In addition to the gas, there are more aspects that you will have to worry about when you have a car. The insurance is one of them which need to be considered even before buying the car. When driving a car, you need to make sure that it carries the insurance coverage required by law. The cheapest insurance policy might do that job, but you need to hold for a moment before going for it.

 How to Save Money on Auto Insurance

choose the appropriate car. Insurance companies assign values to cars, and different cars have different values that would affect the cost of insurance. Insurers are most likely to look at the cost of repairs if the car gets into trouble. If your car is expensive, repairs for it will likely be expensive too. Hence, these firms will assign a high cost on your…

Easy Tips For Sexy Abs - How to Get a Six Pack For Girls

Easy Tips For Sexy Abs - How to Get a Six Pack For Girls


There are an increasing amount of girls who are looking to learn to get a six pack. Just as many girls now go to the gym as men, so it is clear that girls also want to know how to get a great physique.

There are many reasons why a woman may want to develop a six pack, they may want to increase their self-confidence, they may want other girls to admire their body or they may be trying to impress another guy.

If you are girls who want to know how to get a six pack then you will get an expert advice which will enable you to get a six pack fast.Do you feel envious looking at the sexy abs of celebrities or athletes? want to get a toned and attractive tummy with six packs? Looking for an effective solution to get rid of belly fats? The fact is it is easily possible for any average girl to tone up ab muscles and get the ripped off stomach of their dream. Let's learn 3 easy but powerful tips about How to Get a Six Pack (for Gir…

Quick Ways to Get a Six Pack

Quick Ways to Get a Six Pack


Most males probably feel that the ladies adore muscles. Possibly because
 muscles represent men who are robust, and in the particular age-old
role of males, they are the covers of women. Therefore, the more muscle
groups, the more able they are involving defending the tribe. Properly,
even if it is a shallow strategy for looking at issues, we're usually
amazed once we see men that have visibly-defined abdominal muscles - so
it will be no wonder that we might all prefer to know how to get a six
pack fast.

Hard But Not Impossible

Although it can be hard
 and might take a while, it is not difficult to have those rippling abdominal. With all the right kind of eating habits and the correct
exercise program, you may also have the same ripped middle section. All
you need actually lies inside you. You may need the push, the motivation
 to work hard, the expertise to do your routines as well as unwavering
ambition and focus about the goal. For those who have these, yo…