Chamleuy Behdaung-[38Ep​ End]

Drama Detail : pink lily It is the story of renowned Mru Pong (Andrew W. Gregson) Greenery Homestay homestay owners find Roy stomping ground beside lily clump front entrance to the house. I look through the girl was found tucked filthy curl up to sleep. The wake-up call to the house with a poor understanding of the homeless. Without realizing that she was actually Sarocha. Sunthorn Kasem (The Mina School) billionaire heir. Who recently returned from overseas But the robbers were tempted to attack the stain taxi. I had to run away aimlessly in the rain. Tucked under a clump of lily big night. Sarocha not tell anyone that they are renowned. Let renowned name her lily. Pink lily Broadcast every Friday - Sunday Pink lily airs at 20:15 to 23:00 hrs.
Chamleuy Behdaung-[38Ep​ End]
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On 1/09/2016 02:26:00 PM
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